Using Dappnet with Firefox.

To use Dappnet with Firefox, we have to do one extra step.

  1. Download dappnet-firefox.

  2. Open about:addons

  3. Click the cog, and click "Install addon from file".

  4. Select the dappnet-firefox.xpi file.

Now we must install the Dappnet certificate authority. This has a few steps, but don't worry, we only have to do it once.

  1. In Firefox, open Settings (⌘+,).

  2. Search for "certificates" and click "View Certificates"

You should see this dialog:

  1. Select the "Authorities" tab and click "Import"

You should see a file picker popup. Now we have to find the file. To do this, we're going to find it in Finder first, and then drag it into this dialog.

You've now completed the setup process. Congratulations, that was painful.

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