Dappnet is an open-source project, built as a public good.
Post-launch, there are a couple of immediate things to focus:
  • Making it work better for dapps. The gateway resolves .eth to IPFS content. Right now it gets slow on resolving multiple sites at once, as it’s a proof-of-concept in JS. We want to rewrite in Go/Rust for paralellism.
  • Adding BitTorrent support, supporting video streaming. IPFS is very slow. BitTorrent can provide a better UX than IPFS, as well as potentially being able to stream videos from the P2P network using webtorrent. We’ve already got a test case of downloading a .eth website from BitTorrent.
And in the grander scheme of things, this is what should exist and I want to build:
  • ZK ENS domains on L2’s. A cheaper, private naming system which is better than IPNS. Issue #21
  • Integrating an Ethereum light client. Resolving ENS without dependency on Infura/Cloudflare. Issue #4
  • Snapshot voting for .eth subdomains. Proposing xyz.tumblr.eth using Snapshot. Issue #17
  • Dynamic content for .eth domains. Resolving .eth to an IP address. There is no option yet for “dynamic content” in IPFS/BitTorrent websites. This can be built, though for now, it would be very useful for people to be able to configure IP addresses. Issue #10