Play around.

Congratulations! You're now on Dappnet.
.eth urls will load in your browser. They need to end in a slash / when you type them in the URL bar, otherwise it goes to Google.
The first time you visit a dapp, it might download a bit slowly (~10s or so). But after that - the app is downloaded to your device. It loads instantly.
How is that possible? What is going on in the background?
Dappnet is running a local IPFS node on your computer, and torrenting directly from a P2P network. You haven't just visited a website, you've downloaded a dapp. It's yours to keep.

What to do now?

Come spread the good word and get more sites on decentralized, capture-resistant infra!
  • Share your experience on Twitter and tag @dappnetbby
  • Message your favourite protocols/dapps and ask them to decentralize their frontend
  • Join our Discord community, and discover different websites on .eth
  • Or even - deploy your own website to .eth! (hard mode - but not for long)